Marital sex is the best

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It were probably the bachelors, envy to the married men, that have come up with the stereotype that the marital sex is a boring fulfillment of a duty. Many researchers, numerous statistics and the married men and women themselves show that such attitude to the intimacy of the married couples is not surely right. The marital sex has all that advantages of which cannot even dream those who are free to choose the partner and are looking for their soul-mate.


We won’t argue – everything is possible in our world, and maybe there are people who like to change partners like gloves, but the majority of people life in a different way. The knowing of that the person you love, the closest in the world has you, pets you makes the process of making love more pleasant and gives the full relaxation. And the most important thing is the moment that comes after the sex – the spiritual affinity. When the dearest person hugs you, comes the feeling of the serenity, peace, confidence, love and warmth. On the contrary the men and women, who often change the partners, in these moments feel the rush of negative emotions, feeling of uselessness and loneliness.


Let’s describe the next positive side of the marital sex. People, who are together for a long time have constant sexual contact and, as a rule, they have explored each other in bed and understand what they need in sex and their partner likes the best.

Marital sex is the protection from the various diseases. The people who have free sexual life are risking to get infected with each new partner. In general, in the marital life the faith is everywhere – from the intimate health of the partner to their attitude towards you.


The activity in sex of many married couples reduces. The reason of this is not only that the two people live together for a long time, but that their life is full of troubles – children, job, that takes a lot of time, common problems. We can count these troubles for a long time. The marital sex is not very frequent, but it is more joyful, more desirable, giving special feelings and sensations. The marital sex is constantly developing, moving forward. That fact may not be understood by the people who don’t know what the marital sex is. But everything is simple here – perfection has no limits, and the married love each other, they will try to give pleasure to their partner, but won’t perceive it like the boring obligation.


If the couple was created not only because of some momentary desire, but as a result of a true love, such couple sooner or later will think of the procreation. In such case sex acquires a special meaning and passion. And if the couple thinks of the offspring, the troubles concerning the condoms or other contraceptives disappears.

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