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Many men, many minds. Education and society imposed upon us that the marriage in every human’s life is very important. Men and women have to get married, and not in the old age, but the earlier the better. In the modern society people are used to the freedom of speech and the freedom of thoughts. Every person chooses what they like, what gives pleasure and is more comfortable. The same is with the marriage.

Olga was 34. She was a quite beautiful, clever and successful woman. She was one of that people, who “have made themselves”, and maybe it was her stubborn nature that helped her in it. 10 years ago she was going to ger married, but a few months before the wedding she  was disappointed in her choice. Since then she had never thought of the marriage, and especially about children.


The woman loved sex, and had perfectly mastered the art of the self-satisfaction. Each of us can envy her arsenal of the sex toys. But at some point in the 35th year of life, she realized that she needed to change something. Simply put, her uncontrollably drawn to adventures, and Olga went to paste up ads with a simple text of «I’m a woman looking for sex.»

After a few sex meetings, each time with a new man, Olga realized that she is really likes this. No one had any obligations, and it gave an unprecedented passion for sex. Sex with the young guys brought her special satisfaction. They performed all of her desires, and did it very expertly. People were just doing mutual services to each other and didn’t ever meet again.

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Kostya was among those who decided to call the ad «looking for sex». Olga made an appointment Saturday evening in one of the hotels in the city.

She noticed that everything was not as usual from the very beginning of the meeting. Kostya came with the flowers. Olga understood that that was a pleasant surprise for her. Kostya was very tender in the bed. He asked Olga to lie down and relax completely. She was the imperious woman, but surprisingly for herself, followed all his instructions. He kissed and caressed her body, then showed real mastery of cunnilingus, giving Olga those sensations which she had never experienced. He constantly caressed her wet pussy by his sensual tongue, and she seemed to go crazy from that pleasure.


That night, Olga could not even believe her luck. Konstantin also appeared to be the owner and the master of the really huge penis. After the first ejaculation, Olga had to wait for the second sexual interaction not for a long time. And the second time was even better that the first. It seemed that Kostya had learned all the erogenous zones of Olga, and she wanted this night never ended. Gently, then roughly, but very deeply his penis penetrated into her vagina, and she felt as if the orgasm is not terminated.

When they together caught their breath from the fifth time in the morning, they embraced; he fingered her hair, she caressed his shoulders. «I wrote that I am looking for sex, and with it, I realized what is romance» — thought Olya, pressing against the man who showed her new facets of sexual satisfaction.

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