Long sex – how to achieve it?

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In our world there exist the men who are able to have 5 sex acts a night. What is their secret? Both men and women are interested in the answer to this question.

The sociologists provide the data, according to which 55% of men in the age to 20 are able to have several sex acts a night, at the age of 35-40 the number of such men decreases and on down.

The multiple sexual intercourses are very important for women, because they arouse increased sensitivity and, as a result, increase the possibility of obtaining the orgasm. As the same sociologists say, 3-4 sexual acts a night is the optimal amount for women.


The amount of the sex hormone – testosterone – in the organism influences the ability of men to have long sex. It is responsible for the arousal and erection. To be able to have long sex toy are to be in a good physical shape, eat healthy food and have a good rest. It’s essential for both partners – men and women. Sport – football, swimming – is also useful for men, because through stimulation it develops the men’s genitals.

To make the so desired long sex fulfill, you should learn a few special techniques.

1. Deep breathing.

Before having sex, the man is to make a simple breathing exercise. During 5 minutes he is to make a few slow and deep breaths. It helps to relax, decrease the excitement and prolong the sex.

2. The first orgasm is for woman.

The man can stimulate the woman’s erogenous zones for she reached the orgasm faster. In this way she can relax faster and both partners will get more chances to ejaculate together.


3. The first orgasm is for man.

The second sexual act is the warranty of the long sex for men. That’s why, if you are willing to get the long sex, you are to bring the man to the orgasm. To do this, the woman has to stimulate his penis by the hands or have the oral sex. It will take some time for the partner to restore the level of sperm, but the second orgasm will surely come later.

4. The stop-and-start technique.

Make some pauses during the sex. It will help to decrease the excitement of the man and the chance that he will ejaculate soon.  The changes of the rhythm of sex can be also attributed to this technique, when the frictions become faster or slower.

5. The technique of compression.

The partner has to get out the penis and gently compress it’s head during the sex – it will help to decrease it’s arousal.

6. Special agents.

There exist some special agents, able to prolong the sexual act. Buy the desensitizing condoms – the condoms, that decrease the sensitiveness. Such condoms contain a small amount of benzocaine or lidocaine, which slightly reduces the sensitivity of the penis.


7. “No” to the doggy-style

The majority of men are able to have the long sex in the missionary position, or in the position “rider”. That’s why to learn how to have a long sex you have to forget the doggy-style position for some period.

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