How to avoid the awful sex? The most widely spread mistakes in the bed

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If at least once in your life you have had the awful sex we sympathize to you deeply and sincerely. If you’ve made a mistake with a particular partner it won’t be easy to restore the relationship. To avoid the unpleasant situations it will be useful to read this article. We hope that it will fulfill its mission completely.

Calling the partner the other name during the sexual act is one of the worst mistakes. After this the reason why such confusion happened will be not important. In any case it will be difficult to merit the remission. The especially unpleasant is the situation, when you call you partner the name of your former sex partner in the bed. Such disclaimer may become the reason of the serious quarrel, or even the parting.


The awful sex also exists in the world because of the absolute egoism of one of the partners. When a person puts their own interests and desires on the top position in the bed, even higher than the partner’s desires, then such sex won’t provide pleasure to the other partner. Some egoistic persons are so passionate to themselves that they even put the mirror in front of the bed (or put the bed closer to the mirror) to be sure that they look good during the sex. This is nonsense! Don’t forget that you can get a colossal pleasure when you give the pleasure to the other person. And then, maybe that person will give pleasure to you.


Not to make your sex awful don’t compare your partner with your previous partners. Don’t talk about their drawbacks during the process itself – the partner won’t receive any pleasure, even if you will be very diligent.

If the awful sex is not you dream then don’t be chatty during the sex act. Yes, there exist such cases, when the comments do not stop the whole sexual act long. By the way this mistake is made both by men and women. In such case it is very difficult to concentrate and get the pleasure.


It’s essential not to make mistakes during the prelude. Nibbling and generously covering the body of the partner with the saliva is not the necessary paragraph of the ideal sex.  The absence of such actions is the necessary thing.

Of course, good sex means the good hygiene. But it should not reach up the bigotry. Now remember once and forever: never run o the shower immediately after reaching the orgasm, even if you are obsessed with the cleanliness. Stop yourself and stay in bed with the partner at least for a minute, in the other case you are risking to cause a serious psychological harm to the person who stays in bed.

To destroy the awful and multiply the ideal sex, first of all don’t be afraid to get educated in the sex theme, read and check in practice, talk about it with the partner as well as with the friends. It is very easy to order the prostitute in Kiev by means of this site. Don’t wait for a long time, call now and try to make the cunnilingus to the most beautiful girl without any mistakes.