How many times are we to sex?

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There are a lot of sources, including our blog, where you can read about the use of sex for the organism, the harmful effect of its loss, or what the consequences might be caused by too active sex life. Yet the question remains: how many times are we to sex, so that it brought only benefits?

As with everything in our life the sex is also to have the limits. Everyone has to find a «middle ground», the optimal amount of sex that will not harm the health, and you will not feel discomfort because of its lack.


Experts in the field of sex recommend to sex three to five times a week. They also claim that two times a week may be enough. But this does not mean that you just have to stick to such numbers and run to schedule your sex immediately. If you and your partner want to make love more than the norm, do not be afraid to do it. The most important thing in sex is to enjoy it, to get pleasure, and if you are willing and able, you should not limit yourself in this matter, or worry about what you do not fit into some kind of standard. Still, experts do not recommend to have sex more than seven or eight times a week. Modern pace of life is very fast, and if the excessive sex is added, which is also the great exhaust; the body cannot withstand such a strain. If you prefer an active sex life, you should also have time to replenish the energy and strength of the organism.


There exist statistics that show how many times a man can have sex in a particular age. So, men under the age of 25 years may please a woman on average 10-15 times a week that is the kind of guy with which the woman can expect to have sex often, even twice in one night. The next group of men aged 25 to 40 years. Such men are satisfied with two or three sexual contacts per week, but the quality of sex with these men is relatively much higher. The representatives of the stronger sex over 40 years on average have sex about three times a month.


To answer the question how many times a girl can have sex for a certain period will be a more difficult task to do. As always and everywhere in women, everything occurs here individually. The amount of sex, which will enough in a week may depend on her temperament, age, habits. There may be the individual desires that take place during the sex. So, the man is to be lucky to find the woman of his dreams about sex. Sexual activity of some women sometimes just rolls over, approaching the nymphomania, and some girls are not sexually active. For inactive girls in bed the question of spiritual intimacy with the partner can be more important and they can be great in the sex rarely, but it will be unforgettable.

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