How Important is the Safe Sex for Your Health?

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At the inception of the relationship between two people, emotions often take precedence over common sense. Strong hormones cannot compensate for the risk of infection or unwanted pregnancy.


The satisfaction of human desires it is the physiological needs of a persons organism, which is given to us by nature to perform the function of  procreation. Often the men and women of reproductive age don’t want to have children and try to save sex for all methods as they know to avoid pregnancy. In addition to unwanted pregnancy, unsafe sex can be an act of transmission of infection from person to person. Typically, infection occurs in casual sex without protection. What is a «safe» sex? Nobody can be given the exact answer to this question.


This question has remained relevant at all times. Safe sex involves adherence hygiene in sexual health, you should to provide regular preventive and take medical consultation with a doctor. Huge role to create good conditions of safe sex is the choice of  a sexual partner, confidence in his health,  you should  trust and care for  sexual health of each other.

A lot of people associate safe sex with the use  of condoms. It is worth noting that the condom — it’s one of those remedies, which is aimed at the protection not only against infections, but also against pregnancy. But other means of contraception (intrauterine device, coitus interruptus, and even sterilization) will not protect you from exposure to infection.


Professor of Scotland intrigued scientific community by stating that sex without contraception can significantly improve the mental condition of men and women, but safe sex leads to stress and depression. But in order to have sex without contraception you need to be confident in your partner, the partner should be permanent. Otherwise, you will always think about the consequences.


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