How important is the first sex in our life?

C 11 Авг

What is sex? It is a fusion of two bodies together, passion outshines the mind, the brain shuts down, and we are led by an invisible power, it is stronger than us and we cannot stop it.

As a rule, most of the girls think that first sex is very important in their life. It seems that as you start your intimate life, so you spend it later. Indeed, if the girl did not feel fear, pain, if she enjoy what she felt during the first time, it will become more relaxed and will continue their intimate lives. The good first time gives the girl a good chance to love it and enjoy it. But on the other hand bad sex can hurt a girl and she will be hold abomination for this.

American researchers have conducted some tests and developed how  first sex has an effect on our subconscious and future life. In his book, they broke the sexual experience into age groups: early first sex (16 years), first sexual experience  such in time (16-20 years), late first sex (after 20 years).

The consequences of early first time

For all teenagers the theme of the sex is one of the most interesting. But a few of bots and girls  think about all the consequences of early sexual activity.


The scientists say, the body can not cope with  so great emotion. The release of adrenaline as a result of constant sex life can affect the braking of the physical and psychological development of the teenager. The teenagers are very active.  If they cannot do something they perceive it  very painful. A first intimate experience is not always positive. Young people are often embarrassed and worried about the process, don’t get the pleasure. Of course, the teenagers never think about the significant consequences of sex, such as pregnancy. Unknowing  the correct and reliable methods of contraception  often leads to unwanted pregnancies, but unknowing does not remove responsibility. And what is in the end? But neither woman nor man, nor the parents are not ready, it still ends up giving birth. In the worst case it ends up by abortion. And it’s very stressful.


Everything should be done in time

Boys and girls between the ages of 16 to 20 years to cope with this task much more confident. They have already developed some life experience, they heard much about sex from friends and acquaintances. There are a lot of information, photos and video materials in the internet. They had almost formed nervous system, which will allow a much better deal with the

Late sexual experience — this is not a problem

Scientists proved that the later young people are having sex, the less they have lovers. This category of people usually have a higher education. It is proved that when a person have the higher education,  he is more loyal and family is not broken. People of this category receive great satisfaction with the quality of relations.

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