How Can a Rough Sex Give You a Pleasure?

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In order to try a rough sexit does not necessarily to buy the lashes. There are various techniques that can help you make it rough,toughen without causing her any physical or emotional harm.


Rough sex — it’s ripping off  any clothes. Especially trunks and underwear. Here you need to be careful because some of the materials are quite durable and can damage the skin instead of clothes.

Bites- a great way to give pleasure to the partner, as it can be done with varying degrees of intensity. The most common places for bites are nipples, neck, shoulders and in some cases even the genitals. The main thing is not to bite too hard.


Pulling motion with your fingers or teeth amplify your touches. Particularly suitable for this purpose are earrings in the ear lobe or in any other places, but you can just gently pull the skin in the other erogenous zones.

Pulling the hair it is a rough sex. The most convenient place to pulling the hair is on the back of the head.  Gather her hair in your hand and pull. You can do this at any time of intimacy, but in general the man pull her hair when he is in a position at the back. With this gesture you can express dominance.


Spanking also belong to rough sex. Ironically, many women have a positive attitude to this kind of entertainment. Of course, it is necessary to take care that this game did not lead to injuries.

Deprivation of control. Specifically for this purpose are ropes and handcuffs. But any other tricks that restrict movement, may also revive sexual game and you can feel a real, rough sex. You can pressed her hands to the bed. This game is particularly suited to people who on the one hand accustomed to take the initiative in sex, but on the other — secretly dream to change the role. Leading positions in the list of erotic fantasies of women are to be bound, the desire to be a slave. And very often this rough sex and these  fantasies ceases to reality.


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