House of sex 28 Окт

The facts that confirm the existence of brothels are known to humanity since the days of antiquity. It is no wonder that the profession of a woman who sells her body, the profession of the prostitute is called one of the oldest professions in the world.

The house of sex may be called differently. In many countries, keeping brothels is the criminal offense, but this fact, however, is not the evidence of their absence. In a number of countries in the house of sex has official status. In most European countries brothels were illegal after World War II. Holland is widely regarded as the country with the most liberal prostitution policies in the world, and as such, it attracts a lot of sex tourists from many countries. And the capital of Holland, Amsterdam is world famous for its red light district. But perhaps not always legal, most of all brothels are located in city of Cologne in Germany.


So the house of sex, if desired, can be found anywhere in the world. Two friends Oleg and Igor, who became the regulars of the house of sex, in the city, where they both lived for many years.

These guys may be called very modern. They followed all the fashion trends, used only the latest mobile devices, and even led the modern lifestyle and enjoyed all the benefits of civilization available to them. They did not consider themselves as such who leads the wild lifestyle, doesn’t not think about the future, family and children, as the other people could tell about them, stick to the old customs and traditions, people with a higher degree of morality.


The visits to their favorite house of sex were carried out regularly by the friends, and they went there only together. Why did not they want to find the girlfriends for sex or order the prostitutes to their own home? The thing is that here they knew exactly how to attract customers, and even better how to keep them. When they first came to the house of sex, they were immediately surrounded by attention and affection of several pretty girls. In this brothel everything seemed to be thoroughly planned. The customer was able to see the list of services and prices for everything immediately. But, without becoming their client, nobody could ever get to know what’s was going on there.


All the men also enjoyed exactly this house of sex as well as the true professionals worked there, who also really liked their job. It seemed that all the girls had the really magical mouth, with the help of which they provided such blowjob the memories of which excited and made it difficult to fall asleep. The bodies of the girls were flexible and willing to accept the excited partner’s penis in any position. Their moans and breathing during sex seemed to be the music of love, which completed the composition of pleasure. Once friends have dared at the foursome sex, and certainly did not regret of it, and in addition have got the double pleasure. The girls’ vaginas were holding the penises of two friends with lust and were oozing the juices of love from great pleasure. Moreover, the girls were also interacting with each other, thus arousing themselves and their partners. They changed places, enjoyed the oral sex, filling up with endorphins, and moaning with pleasure time after time.

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