Healing love, or the sex treatment

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The fact that the sex is the cure for many diseases has been described even in the ancient treaties, including the well-known and «Kama Sutra». This book tells about and shows in the illustrations the sex positions that may bring a lot of pleasure, and the improvement of health with it.

Medicine has already held many researches in the field of sex: about its impact on the human organism, about that happens if there is too much or too less of sex, about that is the sex treatment possible. About that that the sex brings a lot of use to the humans’ health the doctors are talking for a long time already. Regardless the length of the sexual interaction and your feelings to the partner , you will surely get the use out of sex. That’s why there is no need to write how to have sex properly to get the use out of sex, or get some curing effect – the question will remain only in that how pleasant the relationships of the partners will be for themselves and how much of them will appear.


Firstly, sex may be considered a good physical exercise, because in different positions different muscles train, and that helps to keep them fit. The additional plus is in that that during the similar physical exercises the pulse increases greatly, sometimes even twice.  The heart pumps blood faster and in greater amounts, and that means that the cardiovascular system trains, the breathing functions improve, and the cells are saturated with the oxygen and nutrients. If you have sex regularly, the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, including the occurrence of heart attack and stroke, is reduced by half.


The sex treatment will also help avoid this hateful depression. In what way, you’ll ask me? Everything is very  logical and simple. During the sex the level of the hormone oxytocin increases in many times. In its turn, oxytocin promotes the development of a large number of another hormone — endorphin, which is often called «the hormone of happiness.» No wonder it has that name among the people, because it raises spirits, relieves pain, and thereby relieves the stress. And since the prolonged stress is called the depression, then if the acts of the lovemaking are regular it is in fact impossible. In the same way the other, necessary to increase the stress resistance hormone serotonin is formed. That’s why remember that while reaching the orgasm you get the  great portion of the anti-stress.


The special sex treatment was discovered long ago and is called the tantric sex, or simply tantra. The doctrine of the tantric sex says that the sex treatment is cleaning both the soul, and the body. Tantric sex is actually yoga, but it should be conducted with the one you trust completely. Experienced in tantra people say that this occupation has nothing in common with the sex, the majority of people have. During this you have to manage your mental energy and entirely focus on the tactile sensations. The tantra lessons improve the quality of sex, and in such way helps many couples. There are special individual and group lessons of Tantra, which can be found in many cities in almost all countries of the world.

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