Friends with Benefits , Pros and Cons!

Как-строить-отношения-с-мужчиной 07 Авг

The theme of sex without commitment in recent years is gaining more and more popularity. All people perceive sex differently. Some people come into sexual intercourse only when they have strong feelings and relationships, others do not attach much importance feelings and just meet their needs, for the third — it’s fun or a hobby. In relationships between a man and a woman is always attracted to each other, whether it be love or friendship. Sex is an integral part of our lives. Sex is necessary for both men and women. Man does not want sex only for procreation and even just for pleasure. Everyone knows that sex is the health, so abstaining from sexual intimacy often affects a very negative on a person.


Let’s talk about the friendship between a man and a woman.

Friendship between a man and a woman is quite possible. They may have common interests, hobbies, they can walk together to work, in the sports club, can go along on business trips, on vacation, etc. When people are just nice and have fun together, but there is no sense of affection and passion — this is called by the simple word «friendship». But there is an opinion that the friendship between a man and a woman eventually ends up having sex. And it’s true, sex with benefits happens quite often, especially if you both do not have a regular partner. Physiology have established that it is so hard to hide a person»s needs. If you’re friends, then why not support each other in difficult times. The most important thing is that you need to have sex by mutual consent. But there is one nuance … The most important thing is that both partners are treated equally to sex with benefits, as a sport or good conduct time. You must be sure that your friend does not feel the love to you , because otherwise the friendship will be finished.


What are the positive aspects?

There is a saying «friendship sex will not spoil.» The comfort оf sex with benefits is that it provides no difficulties. Both of you do not need to spend time flirting. Men do not need to give flowers, gifts, think compliments, led to the cafe,  arrange a romantic dinner, a man should not try  to please a woman. Both partners who maintain friendly relations, know of all the enthusiasm of each other, it’s easy to speak on any topic. The theme of sex is normal,  they  do not hesitate to talk about their favorite positions in sex, without worrying. You know very well all the advantages and disadvantages of each other. Sometimes, of course, happends that the man and woman are friends, and after sex they fall in love. By the way, these relations often end  by the serious relationship and even reliable marriages.


Negative aspects of sex with benefits.

Firstly relations in both partners are free, so that a man or woman after sex wanted to meet with someone else should not cause jealousy. Ownership should not be too strong for you. If after sex you feel a craving for a partner in the future try to avoid such intimacy. It is better not to tempt fate by staying together for a long time or by drinking alcoholic drinks. There is nothing good, believe me. Secondly, no one is better aware of your pranks, because people just need a reason to exaggerate everything a thousand times, and you are not exactly gossip needed.

The consequences of sex with benefits can be both positive and negative. Of course, it is necessary to consider everything, you do not know how it ends. After all, have fun in our time can be not only with the friend, but also by visiting prostitutes in Kyiv. These portals allow without any complications to meet their needs for sex without thinking about the romantic sequel.