Frequent sex 24 Сен

Many people over many years now simply cannot agree upon a single opinion on the question of how useful the frequent sex is. What does the frequent sex imply? First of all, it is regular sex. Moreover this regularity is not in that that the sex occurs once a month or once a year with an enviable stability, but that the sex is present in your life at least once a week.

Frequent sex really carries a lot of positive. As we know, a huge dose of the hormone endorphin, which is also called «the hormone of happiness” is thrown into the blood during the sexual intercourse. As a result you have good mood, reduced stress level and can forget about the depression. A large amount of this hormone also provides the body youth and beauty for a long time. And the hormone serotonin provides the organism with the good night’s sleep. Therefore people suffering from insomnia should not refuse from the pleasure of the regular sex, thereby improving their health.


Frequent sex has its advantages individually both for women and men. By means of it women may get rid of the menstrual irregularities and pain during the menstruation. And if a man has sex as often as twice a week, for him, the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular disease is markedly reduced.

German scientists studied the effect of frequent sex on the performance and success in life. Frequent sex increases efficiency and confidence, gives peace of mind and mindfulness. As a result, people work better and for the better work get premiums and bonuses. Thus, the Germans came to the conclusion that sex is also able to have a positive impact on the human welfare.


Sex is equal to sport. Frequent sex is frequent sport. Thanks to this the general physical condition of the body will be good, breathing smooth, all the cells oxygenated, and all systems will function normally.

And, probably it is worth to say that the sex – it is always pleasure. It brings the pleasure the same as the favorite food or hobby. If you get your dose of this pleasure, you will be satisfied with your life and yourself, with harmony and peace in your soul. Frequent sex will not allow anyone to break your spiritual, emotional and mental balance very easy.


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