French sex

minet 28 Авг

French sex is, in other words, the oral sex. It is considered to be that this type of the gratification first appeared in France, and from there have spread  to the other countries and peoples. Who have already tried whose know that the oral sex is one of the most pleasant affection. The thing is that the orgasm of this sex is a few times stronger than of the classical sex.


The attitude towards such phenomenon as the oral sex always was ambiguous. The fans of the French sex claim that the sensations which are brought by such coition are incomparable. The opponents say that the oral sex is amoral and salacious. And nonetheless the oral sex has existed, exists and will exist. How to have the oral sex is a question that maybe was asked by everyone. In that how to have the oral sex there are no any certain rules, because all the people are different – all of us love different things.


Although the French sex is not traditional it has to bring pleasure to both partners. The oral affection is pleasant when it is unconstrained. It was already mentioned that the oral sex is covered with the prejudices. Maybe there are enemies of everything in this world, and as for the intimate life for sure. And the French sex, or the oral sex, of course isn’t the exception. There are people, who say that the oral sex is the humiliating and shameful, especially for women. But there are the fans of such intim, and they are much more than the opponents.

The division of the French sex into men’s and women’s is absolutely logical. So, there are the cunnilingus and the blowjob. We’ll try to create the short and simple instructions, that may be useful both for the beginners and for the experienced in the French love.


The oral sex, the same as the classical one means the diversity of weasels. The weasels and the touches before the intercourse have to be light and gentle – that gives stronger arousal. When the woman teases, plays and fuels the desire – the man is on the top of the satisfaction. Be the way, the intensive sucking of the man’s penis doesn’t give such an arousal effect, compared to the gentle touch of the tongue and light kisses, touches with the lips. Sliding along the penis by your tongue, touching its head, stopping on the recess of the urethra – all these things will lead your man to the rapture.



 The greater part of the manhood is ready to have the oral sex with their girlfriends regularly enough. Only 10% of men are the principal opponents of the cunnilingus. The majority of the men whom we consider to be good lovers have the oral sex with pleasure. At least only because they know that it the guaranteed means to bring their girlfriend to the bright orgasm. Kisses, light sucking, touching with the tongue and lips – it is to be given to the vagina of the loved girl.


And yet, it is better to try once than to hear a hundred times, or to read. Beautiful prostitutes of Kiev can teach you the art of the cunnilingus, or show you all the depths of the pleasure from the blowjob without condom.