Forced sex 20 Окт

At the present stage of development of society, which accepts the emancipation of sexual behavior and tolerates the casual sexual relationships, it seems there is no place for sexual violence and there is no forced sex. But in fact, everything is different.

Particularly striking is the statistical information of social surveys in the United States. Experts interviewed young girls, students of high school or college about the fact of presence in their life cases that have had the forced sex. The collected data was striking: according to statistics, one in ten women in America knew from her personal experience what is forced sex. But many members of both sexes under the concept of «forced sex» do not always mean what it actually is.


So, in order to understand what the forced sex actually is, and what is its scope in the modern world, we need to parse the definition first. Forced sex – a sexual act in which one partner creates such conditions under which the second is forced to agree to take part in sex in order to avoid possible problems.

People tend to confuse, the same is with it. Forced sex is often confused with violence, or may also be called sexual slavery. But we insist on the fact that all these concepts should be understood only separately. Forced sex cannot be called violence, as it still includes choice. Of course, this choice is almost always very unpleasant, but still such possibility is present.


Forced sex is possible both in the short term, and in a rather long and serious relationship, and even in the family. Women who have had to deal with such an attitude, as well as violence, then become highly prone to depression and mental disorders, not to mention what kind of attitude to sex they may form. In addition, such sexual intercourse can result for women with venereal diseases and unintended pregnancies.

But forced sex can be initiated not only by the man. Yes, it happens that a woman is the owner of too strong libido, and then she is asking the partner for more and more sex. In his turn a man cannot say that he cannot give it to her, or do not want to do it – true men don’t behave in such a way. In such a situation, a man has no desire to have sex, because this process is quite unsustainable, but if he is a true man, he just cannot do otherwise, because his woman definitely needs to be satisfied.


As well as everything, that is done without the goodwill and consent of the person, the forced sex will not bring pleasure. Therefore, we advise you to make love only by mutual consent.

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