Extreme sex is the violation of all the rules

elevator-sex 21 Авг

Extreme sex is the violation of all the rules, unusual atmosphere and inimitable physical and emotional senses. You can talk about the extreme sex for a long time until you’ll try it by your own; understand what it is in reality.  You’ll read about some types of sex extreme below.

Extreme sex on the roof can shock you, customize for a romantic mood and will be remembered for a lifetime. Nobody sees you, and at the same time you can locate in the centre of the city in the middle of the day.


Extreme sex in the public transport. The environment of strangers and the fact of the violation of all the ever existed taboos excite in the land transport, and the vibration of the transport leads to stronger orgasm. And as for the sex in the plane has already become almost traditional and can be called “extreme” only by those who have it for the first time. You can begin from the kisses and petting under the blanket, and then go to the toilet to continue this pleasurable activity.

Extreme sex in the nature is original only in extreme conditions, but that is not on the spring meadow or summer beach. Go to the ski trip with your partner and enjoy a sex in the skiing. There are a few people who can brag that they experienced such senses during the walk through the winter forest.


Some medical appliances can add some exquisiteness – if your partner is a dentist – try to have sex in the dentist’s chair. And there is the opportunity that after this you won’t be afraid to cure your teeth.

Extreme group sex, sex in the presence of sleeping parents or other people increases the arousal. Nevertheless, this type of excitement does not fit everyone, but only to very uninhibited people. And also the one who sleeps may only pretend to be sleeping, or wake up each second.

Sex in the elevator or in the stairwell is practiced, as a rule, by those who are very eager of sex but there is no place to have it. Take the elevator to the highest storey of the building, feeling that the arousal is increasing in you. Both in the elevator and in the stairwell you can be caught red-handed, so these two places are suitable only for the very energized partners.


Fans of acrobatics should like the extreme sex on the roller-coaster or carousels – the senses from these rides are amazing, and if the sexual arousal is added to them – you can explode with pleasure. But you are to be very careful with it.

Some couples get married under the water, and some to have sex under the water. To breath in deeply, to dive deeper, and at the same time go deeper into the partner. This type of sex is for strong and physically healthy people, but it is worth of it. It is not just a joke that kisses under the water in the films about love very often end in the romance between the lovers.


Living very boring and stable life isn’t interesting, and this way of living ruins love especially fast. Extreme sex adds a variety and youthful fearless into life in every age. The prostitutes of Kiev provide the service of the outcall to every place, including the most extreme. Are you ready to experience it?