Early sex

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The theme of sex is the most popular for the teenagers. All the advantages of the sexual life are brightly demonstrated in the modern publications, but far not all of them tell about the consequences of the sexual activity, and especially about beginning it in the early age.

Early sex is unwelcome both from the physiological and psychological point of view. The physiologists say that the sexual maturation comes at the age of 12-14 nowadays, and the full maturity comes at the age of 18. The sexologists say, that the organism of the 15 years old person isn’t ready for the loads that come during the sexual intercourse, and if the sex life is quite active it can result in the violation of the physical and mental development.


Many teenagers, who have the early sex in their life, to protect themselves talk about Romeo and Juliet who were only 15 years old. But they forget to take into consideration that fact that these legendary lovers lived in the quite different epoch, when the lifespan was only 40 years. During that short period of time they were to give birth to their children and bring them up, and the harm from the early sex was irrelevant, as far as the procreation was the most significant thing. Now we live in a quite different way, and longer, of course.

Both boys and girls suffer equally from when beginning the sexual life in the early age. The risk of receiving the psychological trauma is very high when the first sexual experience is negative. If the girls will confront the coarseness and pain they can have disgust and fear of sex for a long time. And the chance of that the first sex will be not very pleasant is very high. That is why the first sex for girls may become a deep injury for the whole life.


Boys have a lower risk of the same sort, but it is still undoubtedly present, because the mistakes may be made because of the elementary nescience. If the boy has the negative first sexual experience, they would blame themselves, trying to find the problem in themselves. But such “soul-searching” in the early age may lead to the serious psychological trauma.

Unlike the adults, children are not yet able to be responsible for the possible consequences of the early sex to each other and to the society, and that’s why a lot of problems appear. The early and unwanted pregnancy is on the first position among them. The consequences of it are the least pleasant, because the completely not prepared for the adult life child gives birth to another child, of which they are not able to take care. For this, almost always, both teenagers, who had the early sex and their parents, are not ready. The pregnancy in the early age may also end in abortion, which may have an absolutely deplorable result.  Besides, the risk to be infected by the venereal diseases still exists. The results of the early sex in the adulthood may lead to the more serious problems with health.


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