Deep sex

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Does the size really matters? And now we have in mind exactly the thing that you think about. The size of the penis worries not only men, but women. And here you can’t choose the appropriate size as in the shop – it depends on your personal luck.

There may be two main parameters of the men’s penis that women may not like – the diameter and length. If the man hasn’t appeared to be the owner of the “instrument” of your dreams, do not fall into despair. There is always the way out, and the small penis isn’t the sign of the absence of the success with women and pleasure till the end of life. If it happened so that the husband was not blessed by nature, there is the following advice in such case, consisting of two parts: the woman is to train her intimate muscles, and the couple has to try to choose the positions that will provide the deep sex. We have selected a few of them, and you are to choose the best for you, and to try what will bring you the maximum of pleasure.


— Difficult, extreme, but deep for sure.

The original position is practically the same as the “doggy-style”, but in the process it is strongly modified. She is on all fours, rests her forehead on her folded hands in front of her. He stands on his knees between her legs and enters her. After that he starts to lift her legs, she hugs his waist by the legs, and he should stand up. It turns out that her head on her arms on the floor is her only mainstay. In this position the woman’s clitoris and a man’s penis is in contact, that provides the orgasm for both.

— Sexy perpendicular.

He lies on his side with one knee bent: she has to rely on the arm onto his thigh and to be on the top. All the responsibility for the deep penetration is on the man here – he has to bent so that penis penetrates the vagina as deep as possible. He must be very careful and absolutely control the process.


— The laying rider.

The position when the woman as if sits on the man is more well known as the position of the rider has the significant depth of penetration. But this position requires good flexibility, because it’s not a simple rider. He lies on his back, legs are straight, she has to lay onto him, to be more precise – onto his legs, and lean on her elbows to provide the deep sex. Not only the deepness and the frequency of frictions, but the angle of insertion of the penis is controlled in such position.

— The birch.

Everything is very similar to the missionary position, but the significant changes are made. He has to stand on his knees, and she is to lift up the legs so that he could hug them; after that he enters her. Such position gives the additional stimulation of the penis, when it rubs to the woman’s legs.


— The cuddling.

To sense everything as if the penis is of the wider diameter than in reality, allows the position when the woman’s legs are straight when she lies on her back, and the man is on the top and embraces her body with his bent legs. In such position the penetration will be deep, and the man’s penis and the woman’s clitoris will get the additional stimulation.

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