Classical sex – a thousand and one variation

kak_stat'_ideal'noy_lyubovnicey 15 Авг

Each of us knows what is classical style in clothing, interior or any other art. And about that how is it better to have classical sex everyone have different opinion. Somebody thinks that this means using generally accepted positions, without going deeply into the ancient Indian treatise on love, and somebody considers that this terms covers any heterosexual relationships.


When pronouncing the word “classics”, we remember the strict obedience to some canon – in fashion it’s clear lines and dark colors, in literature – deep meaning and correct construction of phrases, and founding the strict obedience in intimate relationships is far more difficult. In fact, vaginal intercourse is understood under the classical sex, and the rest types don’t belong here. Speaking about the positions we may surely say that “the missioner position” largely relates to the “classics”, but today there are also favorite by many positions “Equestrienne”, “Doggy-style” and “Spoons”, which also slowly gain the title of “classical”.


Hearing about the using of only one position, many of us can think of boredom of the classical type of sex, but this is not correct. The thing is that the variety of sexual positions consists of variations of 4 earlier mentioned positions and modifications of the positions “Face to face”, when the partners are maximal close to each other. That’s why, even having only one missioner position you can enjoy the variety.

People like the classical sex in the missioner position also because it’s very romantic. Such effect is reached with the opportunity to look straight in the eyes of each other and kiss each other. At the same time this is both romantic and erotic. What are the other benefits of the missioner position? Physiologically the male sexual organ reaches woman’s clitoris that increases the likelihood of orgasm. Also this position doesn’t require great flexibility and tremendous physical loads from the partners.


Classical sex is ideal for beginners in the intimate life, for those, who only lately dared to feel what the sex is. Classical sex doesn’t require any inventiveness and imagination, and is uniquely enjoyable in any case. Possibly, classical vaginal sex is the favorite for women among all the other, existing today, types of love in bed. Really, for women the most important thing in sex is far not the satisfaction of their physical needs, but closeness with a partner, joining of two into a single unit.

It’s very difficult not to agree with many people that the classical sex always was, is and will remain one of the most pleasant type of sex for both partners for a long time. And, now, you are not to have any doubts in the art of classical sex that the proven prostitutes of Kiev can give you. Make up your mind and get ready for the pleasure that you have not ever experienced.