Choosing the sex lingerie 03 Сен

Known to everyone and proven by experts the fact that a beautiful lingerie on a woman is the additional exciter for a man. But for the lingerie fulfilled this function it has to be properly chosen to the individual features of the figure of each woman.

So, we will try to find out and to tell how to choose the sex lingerie properly, and hope that we’ll help many people, because such advises will be useful not only for women who want to please their men but for the men who want please their women and themselves giving the sex lingerie.


The women and girls of the curvy shape are better to choose closed lingerie, for example, the corset, and for the miniature representatives of the fair sex it is easy to choose the sexual suit, as far as they can wear such lingerie of each type.


Sex lingerie, the same as any other clothes, is to fit the size – only then it will look perfect. That is the advice for women to look attentively at the label for not to choose the wrong size. In general, the women, who had choose the right size of a bra for themselves at least once in their life, will choose the right size of the sex lingerie. Also, choosing the lingerie you are to check the corset base not to squeeze the chest. The lower part of the bra should be placed as low as possible beneath the area the blades.

While choosing the sex lingerie there are other individual features of the woman’s figure that play an important role: the length of legs, the bone and shoulder width, waistline and other. For women with the small the well-known effect “push-up” will be good, and for the women with large breasts the upper part of a nice shape will be suitable. If a woman has quite wide hips, the panties that will visually narrow them and lengthen the figure will be perfect – these are thongs, and all the narrow panties that leave the hips open. For women with the narrow hips the shorts will be good, because they help to make the figure more balanced. There exist a few main types of the sex suits: the set with stockings, body, bustiers and grace. These attires are also to be chosen very attentively to show all the advantages of the figure and hide its disadvantages. It’s enough to follow the advices given below to choose the sexual attire successfully.

Some textiles, used for creation of the erotic lingerie can add a few kilos to the real woman’s weight, for example, the velvet or leather, and the lingerie made of the silk is a sure version for every woman. Lace and satin will also always look impressive and excitingly. For the successful erotic look the jewelry may be added to the sex lingerie – it is also attracts men.

Sexy clothes are one of the most important details of the women’s sexuality. It gives her the self-confidence. But none of the lingerie is able to arouse the men without the woman’s confidence in her own irresistibility. The exotic prostitutes of Kiev will wear their best sex lingerie for a man, and will make the blowjob condom if you wish.