Beauty of Feelings and Tender Sex!

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Feelings — is the process of perceiving the world, it is an emotional experience of human.

In general, feelings reflect our relationship with the world around  us, and in them, as in a mirror, we can see ourselves and learn about ourself a lot. The human body is perfect and if we always  listen to your feelings, we  would do less stupid things and would not have a  bad solution.  One person is able to feel the other person. Scientists have shown that when we meet in the first two minutes, there is an impression in our mind about a particular person. We  know  immediately,  like we this person or not. The feelings awake for each other, but they are not always   be the same. It happens that the feelings are different, not always positive. It depends on the situation and the preferences of both of the partners.


When the feelings are born to a person it is the most beautiful thing. You guessed it’s love! This is the most powerful feeling. Nobody knows where it comes from and how to use it. True love is born by itself, without reason, without explanation. These feelings are not  depend on our brains.

What is the tenderness?

In spite of constant disputes and differences between the sexes, the tenderness plays an important role in the relationships. Everyone knows that the female is more sensitive than the male. But both women and men enjoy soft touches. Tender sex is easy to feel when you are very like the opposite sex or when you love a person. Every touch brings you the creeps. Pass the «creepy» in the skin, when the lover is kissing you behind the ear and neck. Tender sex  is the sex, in which you wanted to give pleasure the opposite sex.


What is contribute to the gentle sex?

Of course, all women by nature are the romantic persons. There are a strong women, but if you put just a little effort, you can melt any ice. Whatever she was not strict grooming makes she more tender. It is not necessary to invent something special, because  women love the classics. Beautiful words, compliments, to buy a bouquet of flowers, if you do not know the preferences of her companion, buy roses, just do not lose, it  like all women.After a nice relaxed dinner invite her to you and gentle sex  will happen by itself. Delicate looks, slow warm touches, passionate kisses and in the end you will get the gentle sex.


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