Ancient sex

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What was the ancient sex like? We’ve all heard about the many exploits of ancient warriors, beauty of ancient women and all the greatness of the ancient states. But what do we know about the ancient sex? In this article, we have tried to present briefly the facts known to mankind about sex in the ancient world.

It is is the certain fact that in ancient civilizations there existed the homosexual relationships. The people of those times felt free and did not hide such relationships, and for anyone that was not shameful. For a few hundred years BC in the Greek city of Thebes there was even formed the army of three hundred men, who were lovers.


In women, the ancient Greeks admired the back part of the body. They loved not only lush and rounded, but also appreciated the buttocks of different shapes and sizes. Striking proofs of this fact are the statues of Greek goddesses who admired their buttocks, peering over the shoulder.

There also existed aphrodisiacs in the ancient world, and to say more accurate to they were invented there, and named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. The most common stimulant of sexual arousal were pomegranate wine and opium. Had the time and place to exist the substances of the opposite action to aphrodisiacs to quell the erection of some men.


In ancient Rome and Athens for adultery they could be punished by death. But then has come the right of divorce. First, only the strong grounds for divorce could serve the good reasons. Later, there appeared many laws that allowed divorces through sexual betrayal of a spouse, excessive drinking and other reasons.

Ancient sex often included the successful use of the sex toys. Ancient dildos were especially popular. Basically, these toys were made of animal skin, as far as the existed at that time more durable natural materials were too expensive. In our opinion, in our time, it sounds crazy, and even a little vulgar, that as a sex toy for women in the ancient world served the breadsticks.

Vincenzo Camuccini, "Morte di Cesare", 1798,

Ancient sex was quite depraved. There is material evidence that even then there were brothels. Ancient sex in Egypt is known for that that the incest was a widespread phenomenon there. The priests were very worried, literally preached the purity of blood, and therefore there existed the marriages of brothers and sisters and even fathers and daughters. And Egyptian soldiers in the literal sense of the word, raped the defeated in battle opponents. At the same time the soldiers were fully appreciated men who had wives and children. This behavior was kind of symbol of superiority over the defeated.

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