Anal Sex. Is it Good or Bad?

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Let’s talk about anal sex. The longer the partners have an intimate relationship, the better they know each other. First, it makes your sexual life perfect, but than comes a time of monotony that often fraught with quarrels and spats. Anal sex for the majority of homosapiens is completely a new phase of sexual relations, therefore,  anal sex  is able to inject new stream into the intimate life. Very sickly stream, we must be admitted. And if you integrate anal sex into the main, the number of new options and sensations will increase in many times. It is foolish to think that this will not affect  better to the partnership relations.


For someone this topic is taboo and terrible. But in the fact, almost 30% of couples have tried anal sex and most of them were satisfied and have regular practice anal sex. Yes, some do not want even to think about how to indulge in such sex, but others actively engaged in it and get a lot of pleasure.


Anal toys for anal sex will be the first step for you, a step in the world of pleasure. The first thing you need to overcome all the fears associated with the anal sex. Many people think that anal sex is bad, but it is a mistake. Also anal sex carries many benefits to men.

As for women, the fairer sex anal area also has many erogenous zones, as well as in men. The reason is that there are nerve endings that connect the anal area and the general nervous system, transmitting to the brain a feeling of satisfaction. As a result, there is an orgasm.


Everything is interconnected. The two areas are connected by a thin partition, and there is nothing strange in the fact that caressing and stimulating one, the second one is also experiencing a pleasant sensation. Learn how to control your body. Best of all to act both zones  to have pleasure in the complex.


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